Peraturan Baru ToneExcel mulai 2011

Berita baik untuk semua ahli ToneExcel, kini program Referral ToneExcel lebih hebat dengan peraturan baru untuk lebih memudahkan kita mengembangkan perniagaan ini.
Berikut adalah perubahan yang telah dilakukan dan berkuatkuasa mulai Januari 2011
1. Dulu maintain bulanan RM38, kini RM20 sahaja
2. Dulu minimum payout RM50, kini RM30 sahaja
3. Dulu jika tak maintain 2 bulan berturut-turut akaun ToneExcel akan mati. Kini akaun ToneExcel kekal aktif walaupun tak maintain tetapi akaun yang tak maintain tak layak dapat komisyen
Ok, walaupun maintain bulanan beli top-up RM20 sahaja saya cadangkan anda maintain minimum RM30 bagi melayakkan anda mendapat perlindungan insuran Etiqa RM100 ribu. Anda juga akan layak untuk cabutan bertuah jika topup sebanyak RM50 sebulan.
Semoga dengan peraturan baru ini membuka peluang yang lebih luas untuk anda berjaya. Berikut adalah email
yang diterima dari pihak ToneExcel tentang perkara ini:

From: Lina Chew <>
Date: Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 15:02
Subject: Fwd: Change of WOW Program Terms & Conditions
Dear Valued Members ,
Happy New Year 2011 to all  . It has been 9 months since
our Tone Excel WOW program started and we really appreciate
everybody effort in making this program a success.
After having review the results for the past 9 months
and taking into members feedback , the management have
decided to do the following changes to the terms and
conditions for this program so that we can reach out
to a lot more people and all of us can have an opportunity
to generate a passive income.
These conditions take effect from January 2011.
Minimum Monthly Commitment To Qualify The Commission
The minimum monthly commitment has been reduced
from RM38/=  to  RM20/=
However, you have to Top Up RM 30 to be eligible
for Free PA Coverage.
Minimum Amount For Payout of Commission

The minimum amount for payout has been reduced
from RM50/=  to RM30/=.
Termination From The Program
There won’t be any termination from now . Member just
need to ensure they meet the minimum monthly commitment
of RM20/= in order for them to entitle for the commission
of the month.
If they failed to meet the terms & conditions then the
commission for that month will be forfeited. If member
fail to qualify for this month but requalify the following
month then member will be entitled to that month commission.
Member whom fail to qualify for 2 or more months consecutively;
member will not be terminated from the program.
The management sincerely hope that with these changes, it will
make it easier for everyone to enjoy this program.
Any further clarification require please do not hesistate
to call Tone Excel Customer service.
WE Wishes All  a Great and Successful 2011. Please do not
hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiry.
Best Regards.
From The Management of Tone Excel Sdn Bhd
Thank you.
Tone Excel Sdn Bhd


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